Plan early for NASC Sports Event Symposium!

Well folks, it’s that time of year again – the time that we all start rolling out the New Year’s resolutions.  Some of us will vow to eat less, exercise more, be more appreciative of what we have, spend more quality time with loved ones, etc.  Here’s one for you:  Plan early for NASC Sports Event Symposium!

  • The deadline to register (let’s start there) is Friday, March 8.
  • Watch for the best airfare.
  • Book your hotel reservations while there is still room left in the block – you will save money by getting the group rate and a lot of business takes place in the corridors or public areas of the headquarter hotel(s).
  • Strategically think about the people that you’d like to extend an invitation to meet with during open time in your schedule.  The earlier you reach out to individuals to ask if they are attending and if they’d please take an appointment request from you, the better your chances of actually making it happen!
  • To get the most out of the conference, start your research early.  Research takes effort and time.  Know who you are requesting an appointment with and whether it’s truly a good match for both parties.  Many people skip this step and wonder why they don’t get more out of the appointments.
  • Make a wish list of the people that you’d like to have an appointment with and the moment the opportunity arises to request times, you’ll be ahead of the game with a priority list already made.
  • Try to remind yourself that quality is better than quantity.  Having a packed agenda of meetings or introductions that go nowhere doesn’t benefit anyone.
  • Have fun.  The sports industry is great because it’s not only a really enjoyable market, but anyone can be a winner – big events or small competitions, large cities or tiny towns… find the right partner and soar.

Happy New Year!  I’ll see all of you resolution makers and breakers at the Symposium.

Janis Schmees Head Shot Color 2012Janis Schmees, CSEE, has been the CEO of the Harris County – Houston Sports Authority since 2006 when she became the third chief executive and first woman to hold the position since the inception of the organization.  In addition to overseeing the billion dollars of bond debt service for Houston’s premiere, professional sports stadiums, under her leadership, Houston has been awarded major sporting events.  Schmees has been recognized by Conference USA and Rice University for her outstanding contributions and achievements as a woman in the Houston sports industry, honored as a “Woman on the Move” by the Texas Executive Women’s Association, and recently named “Houston’s 50 Most Influential Women of 2012.”


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